HEY YA! (japrufrock) wrote,

Two hilarious stories in one!

So, yesterday I was watching a show about Komodo dragons on Animal Planet and then a dog food
commercial came on featuring Magnetic Fields' "I Think I Need A New Heart".


Some of you may remember from a few years ago that, at one time, I tried to construct a mix CD of what America means to me. We started a new mix project with my friends at work, and suggested this topic again. I reworked what I had before and am quite pleased with the 80-minute result which, astonishingly managed to stay chronological and thematically consistent.

1. Skip James "Devil Got My Woman" (1931)
2. Billie Holiday "Summertime" (1936)
3. Judy Garland "Over The Rainbow" (1939)
4. Woody Guthrie "Tom Joad, Pt. 1" (1940)
5. Johnny Horton "When It's Springtime In Alaska (It's Forty Below)" (1959)
6. Bob Dylan "Song To Woody" (1962)
7. Sam Cooke "A Change Is Gonna Come" (1964)
8. Beach Boys "Good Vibrations" (1966)
9. Louis Armstrong "(What A) Wonderful World" (1968)
10. Simon and Garfunkel "Mrs. Robinson" (1968)
11. Arlo Guthrie "The City of New Orleans" (1972)
12. Randy Newman "Sail Away" (1972)
13. Parliament "Chocolate City" (1975)
14. Bruce Springsteen "Badlands" (1978)
15. The Replacements "Bastards of Young" (1985)
16. Lou Reed "The Last Great American Whale" (1989)
17. Ice Cube "AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted" (1990)
18. Jonathan Richman "Walter Johnson" (1995)
19. Wesley Willis "Rock 'N Roll McDonald's" (1995)
20. OutKast "Gasoline Dreams" (2000)
21. Wilco "Ashes of American Flags" (2002)
22. Frank Black and the Catholics "End of Miles" (2002)
23. Sufjan Stevens "The Star-Spangled Banner" (2005)

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