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So, I feel kinda like a jerk, but I'm starting to get into Bruce Springsteen... a lot. In fact, I'm starting to get into a number of things that I used to hate. Other than the Boss, I'm starting to get into New Order, Fleetwood Mac and The Smiths, which is ridiculous.

In ninth grade, I was REALLY into R.E.M. I remember sitting around AA English and only talking about "Radio Free Europe" and whatever (even though I mostly just listened to Eponymous) and my T.A. thought I was real cool. There was this other really weird kid named Keith who would only listen to New Order. One of the few memories I have about this kid is that he smashed a caterpillar in his copy of A Tale of Two Cities and it made a huge green stain that stuck several pages together. That year he wrote in my yearbook "Tony, you should listen to better music. Like New Order." Of course, at that time I only knew who New Order was because Frenté covered "Bizarre Love Triangle". So anyway, I'm now taking Keith's advice, but my biggest problem with New Order is that all of their songs don't sound just like "Age of Consent."

But seriously, I've been listening to mega-Springsteen lately.

Just today I was thinking that it is the cruelest irony to have associations with The Magnetic Fields' "Busby Berkeley Dreams"—something I wouldn't have understood at the time. Coincidently (NOT ironically), I have also been getting into Busby Berkeley lately (not gay).


Today I watched five early versions of The Wizard of Oz (disc three of the MGM special edition). Many of them have the best thing ever which is men in hilarious animal costumes, which I would love even more if I never heard about furries. Here is a rundown of what happens in Oz:

1) On three occasions, our heroes are brought to Oz by cyclone.

2) On three occasions, the Wizard is truly powerful (doing such things as putting the wicked witch Mombi in a preservative can, making magical chickens hatch with elephant heads), on one occasion he is a complete fraud and in one version there is no wizard, but a magic cloak.

3) There are tons of hilarious animals: a prince turns into a kangaroo; a human-sized Toto, a cowardly lion, Imogene the cow and a donkey all follow Dorothy to Oz by holding onto a haystack; the Cowardly Lion, the Hungry Tiger, the Lonesome Zoop, the Woozy, and a crow all battle the Rolly Rogues. The Lonesome Zoop totally rules.

4) One time the Wizard goes to Kansas before anyone goes to Oz. Then the scarecrow, tin man and lion aren't characters, but disguises that the farmhands put on to avoid capture.

5) On two occasions children are appointed to rule over Oz, and on two other, the scarecrow becomes the king. On two occasions there is a royal family in Oz, with King Kruel presiding.

6) One time a black characature of a character named Snowball gets to Oz because he flys across the sky and is zapped in the butt by a lightning bolt 100 times.

Oz rules.
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