HEY YA! (japrufrock) wrote,

So, on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Weekend, we went down to Mexico again to build a house. It was pretty sweet even though we all almost died in a savage wind storm that tried to rip the roof off. Most importantly though, I got some sweet video of the three-story house which we happened to be right next to AGAIN. I also got some sweet footage of The Thing? What Is It? The Mystery of the Desert. Hopefully after I figure out some technologicla glitches, I can use my new favorite website YouTube.com and post them for all to see the Structural Marvel, the Eighth Wonder of the World/Third World Wonder.

I have been into one thing lately and that is diet orange soda. I'm a real Diabetic Kel. I also, on a hilarious whim did something last week that I have never done (and never plan to do again) which was buy a scratcher ticket. However, I won a dollar and played again and won another dollar and then used that to buy another orange soda. So I pretty much broke even and got to play two fun games of Basketball Scratchers for free. I don't want to turn into a real Mike Schank so I'm cutting myself off, but my absoulte favorite thing about scratcher tickets which makes me want to play them is that when they put your winning card in the machine it plays a hilarious rendition of "We're In The Money."

Today was a real rockumentary day. I watched (all of) No Direction Home: Bob Dylan, then I watched the Rolling Stones' Charlie Is My Darling on YouTube and then I went to the screening of Coachella. Coachella was kinda awesome, mostly out of personal interest, and was pretty much a fair assessment of the event which meant that a lot of the movie I didn't care too much about (DJ tents, Bright Eyes, robots, etc.). They also completely romanticized Wayne Coyne which isn't how it really went guys. I was hoping that they were reveal the 2006 lineup or something at the event which of course was completely unrealistic thinking on my part. No dice.

OK guys see you later bye.
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