HEY YA! (japrufrock) wrote,

My 10 Favorite Current Baseball Players

10. Lance Berkman
9. Jake Peavy
8. Carl Crawford
7. Nick Swisher
6. Roy Oswalt
5. Albert Pujols
4. Miguel Tejada
3. Craig Biggio
2. Ichiro Suzuki
1. Vladimir Guerrero

My 10 Least Favorite Current Baseball Players

10. Russ Ortiz
9. Michael Tucker
8. Luis Gonzalez
7. Mariano Rivera
6. Derek Lowe
5. Richie Sexson
4. Derek Jeter
3. Julian Tavarez
2. Manny Ramirez
1. A.J. Pierzynski

My 10 Favorite All-Time Baseball Players (right now)
For Outstandingness in Athleticism and Professionalism in Baseball and Being All-Around Swell Dudes

Honorable Mention: Bo Jackson
10. Rod Carew
9. Tony Gwynn
8. Jackie Robinson
7. Cal Ripkin Jr.
6. Rube Waddell
5. Lou Gehrig
4. Satchel Paige
3. Nolan Ryan
2. Roberto Clemente
1. Walter Johnson

My 10 Least Favorite All-Time Baseball Players
For All-Around Jerkiness, Hatability, and Marring the Name of Baseball (and in select cases, simply gross ineptitude)

10. Ruben Rivera
This guy will always be remembered for two hilarious events: stealing Derek Jeter's equipment and selling it for personal gain, thus getting VOTED OFF THE TEAM BY THE PLAYERS, and a hilarious baserunning gaffe which remains the stupidest play I have ever seen in my life (Giants vs. Diamondbacks, 2003).

9. Dick Allen
I've felt racism has always marred the Phillies, but playing the race card and being a jerk about it when you are the best player is just as unforgivable.

8. Reggie Smith
For fighting in the stands.

7. Ty Cobb
Biggest jerk and generally disagreeable man ever.

6. Albert Belle

5. Jose Canseco
Hilariously pathetic in retrospect, but I'd never want the guy on my team. Naming names just for a hint of limelight doesn't help the sport or your image.

4. Bret Prinz
As inept as the Diamondbacks' bullpen has been these last few seasons, imagine what they might have been if Prinz was still around (or the vast information available if BretPrinz.com was still around). Always embarassingly painful to watch.

3. Sammy Sosa
Fake charisma, ballooned ego and corked bats.

2. Pete Rose
In my book, any amount of numbers can't undo the unpardonable sin. Ask #1.

1. Hal Chase
Threw games, bet against his own team, won $40,000 betting on the 1919 World Series and was officially banned from baseball for life. Everything baseball stands for!
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