HEY YA! (japrufrock) wrote,

So pretty much all I've been doing lately is bowling. Last week I went bowling on five different occasions and bowled ten games. The awesome thing about bowling is that there doesn't appear to be any direct correlation between amount of practice and score.

Team Neckbeard, my team at the bookstore is still going strong and has been answering several challenges from new teams. Bowling has now grown to the point where other three-member teams not originally involved are challenging each other. There are at least five teams of three members which totally rules.

My favorite thing about bowling is that everyone's approach can be tremendously different and it doesn't seem to matter at the (severely) amateur level. I love watching other people bowl, and even if a player is good, I will consistently laugh at his hilarious delivery every single time.

We bowled against this one dude who stands as far back from the lane as possible, points one toe and sticks his butt out. He then takes a couple quick twinkle-toe steps before taking some large strides, swinging his right leg behind him and holding it perpendicular to the ground until all the pins have fell. This looks completely the funniest and he is pretty good.

Other bowling celebrities include the one-armed bandit. This guy picks up his ball and frantically wipes it down with a rag. He then picks it up with his right hand and holds it there in position. At this point, his left arm rests against the side of his body and never, ever moves again. It looks dead as he holds the ball in front of him, approaches the lane, swings the ball back very far and follows through. He NEVER uses his left arm, so much so that I thought for a minute that it didn't work until I remembered that he uses it to wipe down his ball after every return. This dude is also pretty good.

The best part about bowling is that there are always Asians there, they are always having a great time and they are completely hilarious. This past week I saw one Asian dude who would take very large, quick steps to the lane, but then place the ball on the right side of the lane very gingerly. By this point the ball has no speed on it, despite his rapid approach. This amazing technique appeared to work for a few times which completely baffled me. Then for the rest of the game it would fall into the right gutter about a quarter of the way down the lane every single time. This dude didn't know much english at all, but he was a great guy to joke around with. Michelle and I also bowled next to a group of three Asians the other night, all three of whom were hilarious and it was awesome to cheer each other on.

Pretty much I've decided that, as evidenced by this past week, bowling is all I want to do (in life).
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